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Jul 4
Jasper Johns, American b. 1930, Three Flags, 1958.

Jasper Johns, American b. 1930, Three Flags, 1958.

Jun 26
May 1

Ah ha ha ha ha haa!

Apr 24
Apr 1

Five new courses at Language Sprout!


At Language Sprout, we know it can be difficult keeping on top of the latest trends in language learning. That’s why we do our best to take the guesswork out of an already challenging (but rewarding) process by providing top-tier education in relevant languages spoken the world over.

It is for just that reason we are proud to announce that, as of today, Language Sprout will be rolling out new courses!

That’s right! The same quality language education you’ve come to know and love—now in five additional languages!


Dec 18
Dec 3
Sep 30
Sep 20

Can we talk about this commercial? I mean—what the hell is going on?

This lady who this dude hallucinates who may or may not be a personification of his phone and/or car, and then with the… and she’s coming down the stairs and… I just…

There’s this strange implication at play here, and I don’t think it’s entirely pure-intentioned.

Am I insane?

Is that guy …ahemwith his CAR?

Sep 16